SoundSys is a back-office distribution system for Music Licensing Companies (MLCs).

About SoundSys

SoundSys is the recorded music industry-first shared, cloud-based fully scalable member management, repertoire database, matching and producer distribution system. It uses state of the art technologies for indexing, matching, and searching, and is compliant with the latest data supply formats such as DDEX RDR.

MLCs license the use of music for public performance and broadcast and distribute the license fees back to the right holders they represent. They need sophisticated IT systems that enable them to do this accurately and efficiently.

SoundSys provides a repertoire and rights management database, a processing facility for usage logs, as well as all the distribution and reporting systems needed by MLCs in their back-office work. SoundSys functionality provides flexibility to the MLC to create, implement distribution policy and schedule e.g., monthly, quarterly.


Producer distribution system

Flexible to accommodate varied business logic and process within the normal distribution framework and rules.

Member portal

Provides facilities for a member to log in, upload and manage their repertoire.

Member & mandate management

Includes the start date and territorial scope (domestic, regional, global per use type).

Repertoire management

Supports repertoire upload using spreadsheet template, DDEX RDR (MLC v1.3 and v1.4).

Claim workspace for claims’ conflicts and status, notification system to members, filters matched and linked, unmatched, manually matched recordings and many more.

Usage portal

Accepts a wide range of usage log formats with pro-active fuzzy-logic auto-matching as soon as logs are loaded.

Ability to download unmatched lists for member claiming process.

Matching portal

Supports repertoire upload using spreadsheet template, DDEX RDR (MLC v1.3 and v1.4).

Allows MLC to log in and see the status of usage matching together with efficient manual matching of prioritised consolidated log lines where needed.

Sophisticated disitribution wizard

Enables simple and fast point-and-click configuration of the entire distribution, including linking funds to usage logs and use-types.

Allocation engine

Links all revenue elements through to repertoire and right holders and drives dashboard infographic with distribution progress and key statistics.

Financial report generation

On the amounts to be paid out to each member, detailed distribution report for member explaining paid out revenue per recording, per user, per use type as well as an unclaimed/unmatched report for member claiming purposes.

Who we are

SoundSys is owned by SoundSys Pte, Singapore which is in turn owned by ASIRINDO Indonesia, Music Rights Singapore Public Limited, PNR (Phonorights) Thailand, PPL India together with IFPI’s Asian Regional Office.

SoundSys was developed by BMAT under contract to SoundSys Pte. These MLCs set out to share their costs, efforts and expertise in developing a state-of-art music technology system to serve their members as cost-effectively and accurately as possible.


For all enquiries, please contact us by email at

We especially welcome queries from any MLC wishing to learn how SoundSys could be applied within its business.

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